Our Mission

We are collective of entrepreneurs at Baus Haus Network and boxing enthusiasts at DRCO Boxing working to provide resources for families and youth to “Knock Out Violence."

In collaboration with DRCO Boxing, our mission is to provide adults and children with a directory of trusted resources to help combat violence. Boxing is the sport of focus in "Knocking Out Violence" where we partner with local gyms providing free boxing classes to the youth. We believe in order to lower violence rates, having a hub with the tools necessary to heal will help redirect the attention to the root of the issue.

In our pursuit to combat gun violence, we support rap artist and educator, Dee-1, in his pledge to no longer support music that promotes violence, sexual irresponsibility, drugs, and disrespect of women. You too can take the pledge below.


Providing over 150 youths with boxing classes, mindfulness, and hands on training

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What Is "Knocking Out Violence"?

Welcome to "Knocking Out Violence" a transformative initiative dedicated to combating gun violence in the city of Philadelphia. In the face of a pressing societal challenge, we believe in the power of positive intervention and community-building. Our unique approach centers around the sport of boxing, harnessing its discipline, focus, and physical activity to provide a constructive outlet for the city's youth. By engaging young individuals in a structured and empowering program, we aim to divert their energies away from the allure of violence and crime, fostering a sense of purpose, self-discipline, and teamwork. We intend to partner up with various boxing gyms around the city of Philadelphia to offer free boxing training and programs for the youths of Philadelphia.

"Knocking Out Violence" stands as a symbol of hope and change, recognizing the potential within each young person to rise above circumstances. Through our boxing-centric initiatives, we aim to build a community that not only builds physical strength but also nurtures resilience and character development. Together, we envision a Philadelphia where the transformative power of the boxing ring helps shape futures, fostering a generation that not only survives but thrives in an environment free from the shadows of gun violence. Join us in the ring for a brighter, safer, and more resilient Philadelphia.